Are you nomophobic?

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Posted on January 25, 2019

Recent statistics from USA to Europe have suggested that we are all looking at our phones with such frequency that we can pretty much call this additive behaviour. The biological underpinnings of addiction like substance abuse are just the same as other process addictions. We receive a hit of the feel good neurotransmitter dopamine which rewards our pleasure centres and reinforces our behaviour. The compulsion to continually engage in an activity or behavior despite the negative impact on the person’s ability to remain mentally and/or physically healthy and functional in the home and community defines process or behavioral addiction.

So when we are without our phones, if we are nomophobic we will likely experience a withdrawal to satisfying that part of ourselves that is either looking at Facebook, online shopping, checking Instagram for what the Kardashians are up to. More disturbingly is some of the research that looks at the impact on our brain and how effective neurons connect with each other, inhibiting normal function.

If you are wondering if you are nomophobic then you can have a quick look at the questionnaire below. If you think you cannot control it it might be time to seek some professional advice or help.



  • Smartphone and internet addiction increases the levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA in one region of the brain.
  • GABA is an “inhibitory” neurotransmitter that regulates various brain functions, including anxiety.
  • GABA ratios significantly correlated to clinical scales of internet and smartphone addictions, depression and anxiety.
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