Contemporary Psychotherapy

A modern outcome oriented approach to counselling and psychotherapy

Safe hands

Everyone needs focused support from time to time. If we are fortunate and connected to people around us, these natural networks can help us through difficulties. But our thoughts, feelings and behaviours can sometimes be at odds with what we believe we should be feeling, thinking and doing.

Whatever those difficulties are, you are seeking change.

I offer a safe space for you to find new, inner resources to bring that change into your life.

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What happens?

Our initial session gives us a chance to meet and find out if we want to work together. If we do want to work together, we can progress with a fixed number of sessions, or, on a session by session basis. In the unlikely event I can't offer you help, I will refer you to a colleague or service that is suitable.

We would normally meet weekly, where I find out more about you then focus support to enable you to make the changes you want.

Real transformation can and does happen. Are you ready to change your story

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Alan W. Sparkes
BScHons Psych, MNLP

I decided quite early on in life that being a psychotherapist was a useful and worthwhile profession. At eighteen years old I plotted a path to training and becoming a psychotherapist, gaining a degree in Psychology & Philosophy, and undertaking post graduate training of 4yrs in Transactional Analysis (TA) psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute. In this time I worked in co-counselling and Hackney bereavement services and ran a private practice in London whilst also teaching undergraduates at Middlesex University, and teaching & facilitating groups of osteopaths at the British college of Naturopathy and Osteopathy. My current training and practice is in Contemporary Psychotherapy, an outcome solution focussed approach strongly influenced by the work of Milton Erickson. I could write thousands of words on the types of therapy - but the schools of thought and my methods of practice are often of less interest to the person seeking help - you just want to be helped. And that is the aim in Contemporary Psychotherapy - helping you to change and heal in alignment with your own unique sense of self.

Low-cost sessions

Session length
Cost per session

I offer therapy sessions at £40.00 per session - some low cost places available - please enquire


To book an initial consultation, please contact me.